September 15, 2005

Bush Is Anti-Labor

A great comment:

It is understandable that during G W Bush's vacation and the horrible devastation of Karina, he did not get around to proclaming, on Labor Day, the appreciation of the people that make this country what it is and provides this countries many wonderful things. After all, it takes him a little time to get back in the groove. But it didn't seem to stop him of thinking about dropping the requirement to pay people in the effected area minumum wage. Says it will put more people to work. What a great guy! After all, they got no car so, so what if their hourly wage matches the price of gas. And the great Republican philosophy, if they are hungry enough, those good for nothing freeloaders will work for anything. Great idea Brownie, 3 days without food and water will drive down labor wage pressures.

George M.


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At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My correction: it is not minimun wage dropped but the Davis Bacon Act requirements which says federal projects have to pay prevailing wages in area which would be in that area $7-8/hour.

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