September 07, 2005

Bush To Investigate Himself??

09/06/05 "" -- -- Bush announced today in Washington, according to the Wall Street Journal, that "he will personally lead an investigation into what went wrong with the response to Hurricane Katrina."
Wrong!!!! Not going to happen. Nope!

What the heck! Does he think we are all stupid?

Bush can not investigate himself.

In fact ... if ever there was a need for an independent investigation it is now. The staged photo op's that George Bush perpetrated on the people of America on Friday along the gulf coast demonstrates his inability to do anything that isn't purely political and self-serving.

Here are just a few questions that Bush needs to be asked by an independent investigator:

* Why did you wait until Thursday to authorize troops to be sent in to New Orleans
* Why did you think some one whose last job as president of a horse association was the right person to head up FEMA
* Were you aware that Michael Brown was asked to leave his position at the horse association?
* Did you think it was appropriate to hold your press conference in New Orleans in front of 50 helicopters preventing them from flying rescue missions for as much as a half a day?
* Did you think it was appropriate for a hurricane aid station to be built for your photo op in Mississippi only to be torn down within a few hours?
* Do you think it was appropriate to fly into Louisiana on Sunday for a private photo op and not inform the Governor of Louisiana that you were coming?
* Do you think it was a good idea to cut the funding for flood control projects along the gulf coast every year of your presidency.

The ridiculousness of the idea that George Bush would actually lead an investigation into the government's lack of response to Katrina is laughable if it weren't so completely sickening.


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